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Keys to the Wellness Way:
    1. Live the essential steps to good
    2. Show benevolence towards
    3. Have an attitude of gratitude. 
    4. Simplify.
    I have been living the wellness way since 1990. After growing up at the elbow of my grandmother, who owned a popular cafe in Montana, I decided that healthy living was a daily choice. The way I live today is a culmination of various chapters in my life and the knowledge gained in each one. My success with a healthy lifestyle has brought me to the point in my life where I wish to share what I have learned in my journey. 
    Part of my lifestyle includes 8 keys that bring health and wellness. These 8 keys are: Proper Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunshine, Temperance, Fresh Air, Appropriate Rest, and Trust in Divine Power.
    Additionally, I have found that being thankful for the people and things in my life tends to reduce stress and brings joy to my heart. 
    As blessings come my way, it is my hope that I am a blessing to those around me. Sharing comes in many forms and whatever way you find to share your joy with others is a good way to bring happiness to your own soul.
    Reducing stress is a key component, which is why I have chosen to simplify my life in as many areas as possible.
    Harvest to harvest living from your own garden, berry patch or orchard, buying local,and knowing your farmer all encourage a better community and a healthier lifestyle.
    "I feel great when I eat your food."    Rebecca M.
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